Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Roots LIVE in Las Vegas!!!

..So I ask'd my boy,"how'd you miss the ROOTS, LIVE???".He said,"What?!? The Roots came to Vegas and did a SECRET show???" If you were in Las Vegas and you missed this, you missed out!The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and presented a FREE pool side concert featuring the world famous Roots Crew!!The line for this event looked like the unemployment line (good thing it was free)and that didn't change even after doors opened,we all just migrated to the bar. (did I mention it was OPEN BAR?)It was like 105 degrees,everyone was drunk and it was packed,but as soon as ?uestlove got on the drums it was a wrap!They put on a great show,which is no suprise and everyone had a great time.Check out the pics and video and ah...yea,it was no "secret show".

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