Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The D,s own J Dilla is back with the highly anticipated album Jay Stay$ Paid. The album features some of hip hop's greatest emcees like M.O.P.,Phat Kat, Black Thought (of The Roots), DOOM, Raekwon and more. Mixed by Pete Rock and executive produced by Ma' Dukes ....Stop play'n and go get this instant classic cuz you know it aint every day we get some new Dilla!


LiveSoul - The Birth of Soul EP

Well I completely f*cked the release of this up. I originally had planned to let loose of it last week but got sidetracked with Thanksgiving and what not. Then I missed posting it on Monday & Tuesday for whatever reason. I’m not gonna let another day go by though! Ladies and gentlemen here is a collection of tracks that is bound to keep your head noddin’. This EP will be 1of4 that Akil, Tariq & DJ Slimm drop before the release of their album. Las Vegas might not be known for their aboundance of musical talent, but these dudes are beyond dope! Artwork by Shake [/plug].

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Green Light
02 I’m Telling You f. ETC
03 Happy Burger
04 In Front of Me
05 It’s On

DOWNLOAD: LiveSoul - The Birth of Soul EP

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~ by Shake on December 3, 2008.

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15 Responses to “LiveSoul - The Birth of Soul EP”

  1. their music is so good! thx for posting this!

  2. yeah, livesoul is definitely dope. good looks shake.

  3. faggot ass shake, hope they fucking lynch your bitchass

  4. LiveSoul is dopeness so props.

  5. Very good EP, where can I find more music/info on these guys?

  6. this is superb. how could you forget to post something this good. shame on you!

  7. my tongue is in my cheek by the way

  8. oh. mind if i post this at my place. obviously the people will know where it originally came from

  9. sorry 1 more thing. any chance of a re up of the livesoul mixtape?

  10. post away, get this music out there!

  11. I just dl’d their ep and on the verge of dling there mixtape from a few months back. Yo shake can you supply a link to their myspace or somthing. I do beats i’ve been trying to reach out to them. I have beats that could definitely compliment their sound… check the myspace!

  12. [...] Live Soul | The Birth Of Soul EP [...]

  13. shake,could you please re-upload their “forward”-mixtape?

  14. [...] I knew nothing of LiveSoul before this EP which I stumbled upon on, and downloaded on a whim. I have to say it’s definitely been eye opening and I will be [...]

  15. LiveSoul…..real hip-hop at its finest! Give us some more Livesoul son….KG


Alright dopeboyz and dopegirlz. I’d like to announce a new series we will be dropping on a weekly basis. Every Monday-Tuesday we will be posting a podcast/mix that contains a good portion of the dope music that leaked the week prior. Sort of a catch up for folks, incase you missed something and whatnot. DJ Slimm will be handling the mix, so you know it’s gonna be fresh. Within the tracklist there will also be links to the actual posts.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

Chaundon - Old School (prod. Khrysis)
Rapper Big Pooh - Reality Check f. Big Dho, D-Black & Mykestro (prod. Khrysis)
La Coka Nostra - Choose Your Side f. Bun B (prod. Alchemist)
Krondon - Never Be f. Stylistic Jones & Phil the Agony
BF - I Seen It
QuESt - I Will
Sa-Ra - Bitch Baby
Naledge - U Oughta Know
Pugs Atomz - Bizness f. Finale & Wes Restles (prod. Astronote)
Marco Polo & Torae - Smoke f. Lil Fame (Double Barrel in stores now)
Trayo - She the Shit f. SeDrew Price
Who’s Hot Interlude
Special Announcement (Jay Stay Paid in stores now)
J Dilla - Pay jay f. Rapper Big Pooh & Termanology
Nipset Hu$$le - Strapped
J Dilla - Dila Bot vs The Hybrid f. Danny Brown
Marco Polo & Torae - Hold Up f. Masta Ace & Sean Price
QuESt - Champs Been Here
Head Stimulataz - Vegas/Cali Uprock f. Dudley Perkins
J Dilla - Make It Fast f. Termanology & Bun B
Trayo - Street Stories
Laws - They Know Me f. BK Cyph
Zac Brown & LiveSoul - No Use Pretendin’

DOWNLOAD: 2DopeBoyz Presents: The Wrap Up v.1 (Mixed by DJ Slimm)

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~ by Shake on June 2, 2009.

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15 Responses to “2DopeBoyz Presents: The Wrap Up v.1 (Mixed by DJ Slimm)”

  1. nice. i’m gonna burn ‘em to a RW every week and see what i’m missing.

  2. DJ Slimm (echoes) Good stuff… Shake you think ya’ll gonna beat out Phonte and Brainchild? haha!

  3. Great idea (2)dopeboyz. I’m gonna check this out.

  4. Good stuff. All that’s you gotta do is put it out as a Podcast.

  5. Love it.

  6. Yes. Podcast. Very good idea. iTunes it.

  7. Nice, i will definitely be checking this…..

    By the way, here’s a version of “Dopeman” by MCFLY MAFIA…check it out…

  8. good ish




  11. Shake & Meka we are in the lab ! 617 will repp hard.. Shot out to DJ Eclipse and Slain LA Coka Nostra,, Term.. Mass reppin…

    We next ! Blackargo & Raw Spillage

  12. lol @ how fast the “Chillin” video disappeared!

  13. Good sh*t guys

  14. failed on the cassidy tapee…ill jus say late…

  15. nice hell yeah……. keep up the good werk,,,,,,