Saturday, August 29, 2009

W.W.J.E......What Would Jesus Eat ?

Church choir singing their OWN "Mc Donald's theme song" Why?...Idk but they definately spent some time working on this, and I bet they not only endorse Micky D's but eat there frequently.(just a wild guess......"Sweet tea, Sweet Jesus").

SPOATY "The Flame"

This is probably one of the hottest ( and I mean that shyt literally ) videos I've seen from LV's HEAT CITY rec. and this might just be the warm up. Here's Spoaty with his first video "The Flame" from his up coming double-cd ALMOST FAMOUS.I think alot of so-called "record labels" in Las Vegas can learn a thing or two from Heat City..........In Spoaty's words "Heat City ain't just a label, It's a way of life".