Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mike Vick to play tonight

Mike Vick is set to make his pre-season debut with the EAGLES tonight, and expectations are high.But before he hit the field he spent this morning in bankruptcy court due to owing over 20 million dollars to creditors.(damn!)A judge has approved Vick's plan to pay them back with future earnings and reports say the creditors "support" Mike as "Vick's biggest fans".

According to previous reports a "payment plan" was outlined before Vick signed with the Eagles that would give creditors 10 percent of the first $750,000 a year Vick earns. He would be "allowed" to keep a house in Virginia, a luxury SUV and some other possessions.Besides his creditors, Vick will owe legal bills approaching $2 million for his bankruptcy team. Vick signed a one-year, $1.6 million contract with the Eagles, who hold a $5.2 million option for a second season, seems like everybody owns a piece of Mike Vick.