Friday, December 5, 2008

LIVE SOUL...............THE BIRTH OF SOUL....EP 1

Well I completely f*cked the release of this up. I originally had planned to let loose of it last week but got sidetracked with Thanksgiving and what not. Then I missed posting it on Monday & Tuesday for whatever reason. I’m not gonna let another day go by though! Ladies and gentlemen here is a collection of tracks that is bound to keep your head noddin’. This EP will be 1of4 that Akil, Tariq & DJ Slimm drop before the release of their album. Las Vegas might not be known for their aboundance of musical talent, but these dudes are beyond dope! Artwork by Shake [/plug].

Tracklist + Download link

01 Green Light
02 I’m Telling You f. ETC
03 Happy Burger
04 In Front of Me
05 It’s On

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